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Shelf stable up to 2 months

This copepod is a Cyclopoid, different from Calanoids and Harpacticoids. It behaves similar to a harpacticoid and somewhat like a calanoid copepod in that there is activity on the substrate and movement throughout the water column. This copepod comes from a shallow reef system in Panama. It lives slightly higher up in the water column than does Tisbe and, as such, will feed those organisms feeding in that level of the water column, including corals.
Some culturists have had success raising this copepod on algae paste. We have great success using live algae but note that it will feed on detritus, and like Tisbe, it will help keep the tank clean. One should be able to achieve very high-production densities in culture and in the aquarium tank.
This copepod is excellent for the refugium and as live coral food. Do not worry about pumps and skimmers. This copepod does not seem to be affected by them. Since copepods are a prime target in most marine organisms' food chains, we recommend regular restocking of copepods to the tank.